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What is Gyre: Nova State?

An open world, dystopian, bio-steampunk action RPG with an unscripted, dynamically crafted story that
adapts to your style of play.

Our Kickstarter is live!

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the RPG experience with our proprietary Toska Polynarrative Engine™ and a dynamically crafted world!

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Gyre Gameplay
It all started with a simple idea that grew in to a movement. And before we knew it, we cast away our fleshy shackles.

Over a century has passed since we protected our mechanical cities with massive, metal walls. Our meaty-selves would have been ashamed at what we did. Now, not only do we fight among ourselves, but we battle the spaces between our dwindling cities.

What awaits you...
  • Revolutionary dynamic narrative crafted in real-time using the Toska Polynarrative Engine™

  • NPCs with believable behaviours that can align themselves with other evolving NPCs to create any size group or faction with their own goals based on a constantly adapting story

  • Deep crafting system (gameworld is grounded in steampunk after all) that allows weapon, clothing and item customization
  • Third-person gameplay with your choice of one of three main character classes (bodyplans); Couriant, Polariant and Imperiant

  • Upgradeable skills that reinforce combat, stealth and diplomacy styles of play in an open world

  • Procedurally crafted environments that adapt to the actions of a single entity or the mass atrocities / altruism of an entire faction, leaving their permanent mark on the world
What's bio-steampunk? Glad you asked. Our game world is a unique mix of futuristic and steampunk elements with a literal "evolving" natural world. It's gritty and dystopian, a bit like dieselpunk, but the cross between biopunk and steampunk is more appropriate for where our world operates.

More features, blog and forum on the way!