Action RPG.
Unbounded, adaptive story.

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What is Gyre: Nova State?

Gyre: Nova State is an open world RPG that combines gameplay from Witcher 3, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Middle:earth Shadow of War, wrapped in a steampunk-inspired setting.

The world is based on an alternate history beginning in 1848, where over a dozen revolutions across Europe and Asia took a different turn. What followed was widespread, unrestricted technological experimentation. This resulted in scientific discoveries that allowed humans to adopt android form. Mechanized cities commonly referred to as “gyres” sprang forth and became focal points for the new android society.

Join us on our journey to revolutionize the RPG experience with a world that evolves with your every action -- and the cascade of consequences that follow!

Our proprietary Toska Polynarrative Engine™ integrates with Unreal Engine 4 to provide players a unique game where combat, stealth, intrigue and diplomacy are paths to great heroism or profound villainy. You choose.
Our game world is a unique mix of futuristic and steampunk elements with a literal "evolving" natural world. It's gritty and dystopian, a bit like dieselpunk, but the cross between biopunk and steampunk is more appropriate for our world.