• GNS Development

    Gyre: Nova State provides an improved technical environment for Toska to operate. There are continued improvements to the framework. A complete integration of Toska is expected by early 2019.

  • Gyre Game Dev

    Production begins on the Gyre game IP. Toska’s primary core is integrated into the procedural design systems.

  • Toska Alpha Framework

    Core framework is developed using C++ with a focus on speed, expecting to integrate Toska into the Unreal Engine to start.

  • Toska Research and Development

    In 2012, work begins on the framework architecture. By 2014, many of the fundamental algorithms have been designed and the core narrative generation system is complete. Next step is to consolidate the various components under a central “experience manager” to achieve narrative cohesion.

  • Education

    Going down the rabbit hole…every answered question leads to more questions, crossing over into multiple fields of study – narratology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence (various sub-fields), linguistics, psychology…

  • Toska Exploration

    Exploration begins on how to create a digital game master that can evolve a story in real-time.


  • Open Beta Phase 2

    Extended Beta testing incorporating all the feedback we receive. At this stage we would like to be working with a publisher on pushing towards a public launch.

  • Open Beta

    Additional polish and feedback incorporated from testers.

  • Closed Beta

    Additional polish and feedback incorporated from testers.

  • Closed Alpha

    Alpha version will contain many new art assets and environmental updates. Further Toska integration.

  • Pre-Alpha (Technical)

    With the lessons we learned from our previous work, we begin rapidly concepting the new technical implementation and art direction.